Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Why the Eurofighter Typhoon Is the Best Fighter for Canada… Right Now – Part 2

"Every one of these assertions is untrue. NONE of these weapons have been integrated on the Eurofighter, and only the Storm Shadow even has a defined date (2015)."

You don't buy a fighter jet for the next two years, the airplane is going to be operated for decades. Therefore, it is not decisive whether a particular weapon system has already been integrated or will be integrated within the next two years.
Storm Shadow will be integrated with the Eurofighter Typhoon as part of the Phase 2 Enhancement (P2E) in 2015. The Taurus KEPD incorporates stealth characteristics and has an official range in excess of 500 kilometres (300 mi).[4] Taurus is powered by a turbofan engine at Mach 0.8~0.9 and can be carried by the Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen and F/A-18 aircraft. This gives Canada the choice between two long range stealthy missiles for attacking strategic targets in enemy territory; the mission the F-35 was designed for ...
However, the primary mission of the aircraft is to patrol and defend Canada's air space. In terms of air-to-air armament, the mbda meteor (radar guided long range) and IRIS-T (Infrared guided short range) missiles are the best armament available today. Add a couple of conformal fuel tanks, such as these: - and the typhoon becomes the best aircraft for intercepting enemy airplanes due to its superior speed, agility, operating range and weapons.

"The Typhoon has many things to recommend it as an outstanding air superiority fighter, but its poor selection of weapons is a major weakness of the type..."

I don't think the selection of weapons is poor given that the typhoon carries the best short and long range missiles available today. If that's not good enough, then what else do you need? Last but not least, if Canada wants to speed up the integration of further weapons, it is free to fund the respective projects.
In my opinion, the best fighter for Canada today is the eurofighter typhoon. The prime objective of the Canadian air force is to defend Canada's air space and the typhoon excells like no other plane in this mission. The F-35 is the worst plane for Canada, because it's a strike or attack aircrat made for attacking ground targets in enemy territory. The F-35 may one day perform very well in this mission, but it's the wrong jet for Canada.

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