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Typhoon as interdictor

air interdiction

(DOD) Air operations conducted to divert, disrupt, delay, or destroy the enemy's military potential before it can be brought to bear effectively against friendly forces, or to otherwise achieve objectives. Air interdiction is conducted at such distance from friendly forces that detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of friendly forces is not required. 

The primary goal is to isolate the battlefield from being supplied with food or weapons. This is achieved by strafing and bombing enemy supply lines. Favorite targets were railroad lines, bridges, roads and military convoys.

Since these missions are carried out in enemy territory, the range and loiter time of the aircraft should be extended as far as possible. 

Fuel tanks:

Two conformal fuel tanks, each carrying additionally 1500 liters of fuel.
Three drop tanks, each carrying 1000 liters of fuel.

The additional fuel amounting to 6000 liters extends the range of the typhoon considerably and enables the typhoon to loiter above possible enemy supply lines.

Furthermore, it is preferably to use stand-off weapons in order to avoid being targeted by surface-to-air missiles or ground fire. 

Stand off weapon configuration:

2 Taurus KEPD 
12 Brimstone (3 on each weapon station)

The Taurus is a cruise missile with a range of probably about 1200 Km. Therefore, it is ideal for attacking heavily guarded stationary objects, such as airfields, bunkers, bridges, roads, command, control and communication facilities. It can be equipped with different kinds of warheads depending on the target.

Brimstone is a short range missile equipped with High explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads. It has a highly sophisticated targeting system and is ideal for targeting convoys of tanks, trucks and armored vehicles. The typhoon operates in a high altitude above the battlefield in order to be protected against enemy SAMs.

In case of enemy aircraft encounter, the Typhoon would be carrying additionally:

4 MBDA meteor

Total weight = 4300 Kg
The two external fuel tanks would add 1600 Kg of weight. So this is well within the 7.5 tons maximum payload of the typhoon. 

If long range cruise missiles are not needed for the job, then 6 additional brimstone rockets can be loaded.

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